Your Partnership

When you need help, we deliver fresh ideas and profitable solutions. We partner with your organization to renew your core business through break-through business concept innovation. Together we create a strategic prescription that maximizes the trade-offs between existing and competing resources. Your customized ‘think tank’ connects the dots between people and ideas for “disruptive innovation. ” 

We care that our solutions align with your company’s objectives to provide a clear direction while inspiring your associates to be flexible and take risks. Your Process Your Power Your Achievement


Your Power

We improve business strength and flexibility. The power of partnering with SOS provides your organization with a team of innovators from established companies that provide a coalition of backers and supporters. Just like physicians that seem to get better results for patients, when part of a team that shares information and advice, we build a customized alliance to “assess your risk factor” and create an “individualized wellness plan” to promote your prosperity. The solutions are provided by the collaboration of experienced, diversified professional businesspersons that are concerned about your organizations’ issues. Each of our experts have committed to forming an ongoing project-based alliance to bring together our wisdom to best serve our clients. The objective of our team of experts is to provide decision makers with guidelines for choosing innovative solutions to business problems. Your Partnership Your Process Your Achievement

Your Achievement

We dispense a business ‘wellness’ plan. It all starts with our entire team listening to you. We have nothing to sell, just the real-world experts who have mastered best practices by putting them into solutions that address the full spectrum of your business challenges. We address the ‘full body’ of your business to gain a complete picture of your organization. Our team represents some of the brightest minds in the world that bring expertise and experience to focus on your issues. We accomplish this by involving ourselves into your organization’s culture, style, business language, and operational analytics. This permits us to assess your ‘risk factor’ and solicit the right consultants to volunteer for your current business problem/opportunity. We individualize our team’s involvement. Our experts determine whether they are able to contribute innovative solutions for your specific project. You will receive a summary of the experts relevant experience and competencies prior to the commencement of their engagement. Then we create our prescription that provides a daily dose of tracking, with milestones, checkpoints, and re-examinations during our process. When assessing the solutions results we consider the following: Did our solution satisfy or exceed your expectations? Did we collectively evaluate the relative benefit of


Your Process

We instigate collaborative thinking. Today, many organizations are confronted with issues that cannot be resolved merely by conventional processes. Often internal resources not only fail to tackle problems, but they may exacerbate situations by generating undesirable consequences. Our team transcends the conflicts and concerns of the moment. We provide a basis for inspiring and getting results efficiently through our combined expertise. Our diversified experts assure a pluralistic, open and accountable process for our clients. Collectively we provide assistance to your organization by offering greater transparency and discipline to reach business goals. To this end, the following qualifications are necessary for all of our experts: Each of them possess an extraordinary knowledge of their area of expertise and has at least 20 years of experience and administrative skills in some or all of the following: Branding Business Analytics Business Development Customer Satisfaction Employee Retention Integrated Reporting Opportunity Screening Performance Management Product Marketing and Management Production and Distribution Promotion Research and Development Selling Skills Strategy Formulation Valuation of Intangible Assets Subject areas of expertise include: Advertising and Media Automotive Capital Deployment Consumer Products Customer Service Electronics Health and Beauty Hospitality/Travel Investment Analysis Legal Mobile Content and Applications Not For Profit Organizations Pharmaceutical Public