Our Expertise

Consultants write reports. We deliver results.®

Our team of business experts hail from a variety of Fortune 500 companies as C-Level executives or are successful entrepreneurs and business people. This is a rare opportunity for you to obtain insights from innovation experts, thought leaders, and strategic advisors.

From running hotels and resorts to the building of distribution channels, B2B to B2C, food and beverage to Customer service centers, government to the private sector, our experts have hands-on experience in real-world situations that bring a laser focus to your unique business challenges.

Sometimes looking within your organization for a solution may not be the answer. Internal solution providers are often significantly impeded by their inherent limitations — information is solely exchanged among their peers, often making it too easy for team members to misinterpret or even miss critical information Each expert was hand selected because of their experience and innovative problem-solving skills. These are stars in their field and now they can be your brain-trust to help solve your business woes.

Together these experts will consult on your business problems and then form a ‘dream’ team specific to your issue.  You will have a business team of experts that are fully engaged in your process and finding the correct solution.

Our think tank has no preconceived limitations, political or management restrictions, job security, and management bias. We deliver results!


We turn business uncertainty into confidence.

Your Partnership

When you need help, we deliver fresh ideas and profitable solutions. We partner with your organization to renew your core business through break-through business concept innovation.

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We initiate collaborative business thinking.

Your Process

We instigate collaborative thinking. Today, many organizations are confronted with issues that cannot be resolved merely by conventional processes.

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We improve your business strength and flexibility.

Your Power

We improve business strength and flexibility. The power of partnering with SOS provides your organization with a team of innovators from established companies that provide a coalition of backers and supporters.

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We conceptualize products that are built to last.

Your Presence

We help you create recognizable and enduring products. It all starts with our entire team listening to you.

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A Targeted Approach

If you’re like most business leaders, innovation is high on your corporate agenda. For many organizations, their success depends on innovation. However, few companies are satisfied with their ability to execute against the key aspects of innovation – including idea identification, development, commercialization, and achieving consistent innovation performance.

  • “How does your organization drive a consistent innovation performance that results in greater return on your innovation investments?”

  • “What is the current situation?”

  • “Why have you reached out to us?”

Consultants write reports. We deliver results.®

Our approach


Despite all the talk and excitement about the importance of innovation, managers are frustrated by the absence of a practical program you can apply to innovation in a systematic way that fuels consistent growth and sustained success.  Our team of experts examines and researches your business to provide that practical program.


After you submit your ‘challenges’ to us our team of experts ‘redefines’ the opportunity from a totally objective perspective.  Much like going to a doctor. You tell them where it hurts and then the doctor tells you what’s really wrong. The team prepares a wellness recommendation plan for the cure and to reduce or remove the pain.


After the initial examination, your organization accepts or alters their decision as to how to solve the problem by engaging our experts or using other resources.


We agree on the scope of work, the desired outcome, and the compensation, which is based on the results we help your organization achieve. Consultants write reports. We deliver results.®