A little about Brian Margulis

Brian earned his Master’s degree at Roosevelt University’s Heller College of Business and received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He is recognized in the industry with the prestigious title of  Master Certified Food Service Executive with expertise in financial planning, purchasing, distribution, personnel management systems, sales, marketing and organizational management.  He has seen successes with “multi-unit” organizations in establishing, implementing and maintaining company-wide quality control and quality assurance programs.  Margulis is a dedicated, results-oriented hands-on team player and team leader.

He currently is on staff as an Adjunct Professor at Roosevelt University, Heller College of Business and the College of DuPage Culinary, Management and Tourism Program. In 2017, he was the  Milestone Honoree Recipient- Roosevelt University 20 years and in 2018 he was the Recipient of the  Outstanding Faculty Award- Roosevelt University

His unique style as a noted Industry Practitioner as well as an innovative hands-on educator has made him a popular instructor with both undergraduate and graduate students as well as one of the leading go-to hospitality gurus in the industry.

In addition to having recognized teaching skills, Brian served for 5 years as the Chapter President in Lake County, Illinois  for the Illinois Restaurant Association and served on the advisory board and headed up the education committee for the IRA.

Brian was recruited by The Illinois Liquor Commission to write the curriculum and co-author an Alcohol Awareness Program called FAST (Fundamental Alcohol Server Training) as part of the Illinois certification BASSET program. His efforts were instrumental in lobbying and he was successful in getting his program approved and one of a few programs that are now mandated in the State of Illinois for all servers  and sellers of alcohol. Since then, thousands of participants have been certified  throughout Illinois using his curriculum.

His major consulting clients  include a myriad of corporate clients, hotels, country clubs, restaurants, bars and casinos.  He has also been called upon as a litigation witness in various cases across the country.



In 1995 Brian together with Chuck Hamburg developed Creative Hospitality Associates, a hands-on consulting company with many years of collective management, development, marketing and operations experience in the hospitality, food service, hotels and meeting planning, product distribution and family entertainment centers. As a Principal partner , Margulis developed business plans and created organizational structure to help companies reach their goals by applying the consulting group’s past experiences to their present focuses.

His responsibility included  overseeing and managing every client project, focusing on turn-around analysis, asset management, strategic market positioning, human resource training and implementation programs.

Margulis has created Strategic Planning programs centered around formulating business cases, multi-unit operations management, business analysis, project management and contract negotiation including development of both the ROR (Restaurant Operations Review) and the  HAA (Hotel Analysis Audit). He designed and developed Programs for purchasing, manufacturer rebates, inventory control, total quality management (TQM) and quality control / quality assurance (QC/QA).


His expertise allowed him to focus on and coordinating the Food Service division and provided programs and consulting procedures relating to recipe standardization, sanitation standards and safety guidelines, instructional guides and training manuals as well as menu development.