Lake Point Tower, Chicago, stands alone, east of scenic Lake Shore Drive and surrounded by Lake Michigan on three sides. Our 66th-floor meeting space amenities include gourmet snacks and beverages, an open design,  a self-service micro market, a 2.5-acre park, and a business center. In addition, we offer a professional facilitator [James D. Feldman]  and a professional summarizer [Dale Irvin] to assist you in increasing your productivity and innovative solutions.

No other meeting offers such unobstructed views of Chicago’s storied skyline and the ever-changing waters of the Great Lakes. And the sunsets are spectacular.

Our 2,500 sq. meeting space provides dazzling views of the city looking west towards Michigan Avenue and north down Lake Shore Drive. Secured entrance. Discounted Valet parking. Near Navy Pier.





Are you tired of traditional conferences, hotels, or “bored” rooms?

Then experience Chicago’s Most Immersive Meeting Space.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENT

Thousands of people have enjoyed innovative and creative meetings, workshops, facilitations, retreats, and special events at our comfortable, unique, and thought-provoking venue with unobstructed views of Chicago from the 66th floor.

HISTORY: Our team has a history of interrupting existing thinking patterns and investigating effective, sustainable change.

We help organizations achieve exceptional results by finding and applying innovative solutions to complex business and people challenges.

USES: From executive hiring to innovation, trial preparation to organization challenges, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to deliver exceptional business results within a short timeframe which have a long-lasting impact.

RESULTS: The results are transformative, not transactional. We are challenging and professional that deliver results!  We make you stop and think.

No matter how experienced you and your employees are, you cannot expect them to have all the skills and knowledge your business needs, particularly as requirements change as your business grows.

The need for advice can be even more significant for growing companies continually facing new problems and opportunities.

MENUS: We pride ourselves on offering concierge-level suggestions for your gourmet snacks, meals, and beverages. Gourmet kitchen access is included.

MENTORS: Our business mentors offer focused support by acting as a sounding board for your ideas.

Together we create solutions that enable business leaders to reach equitable business solutions, optimize project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, improve financial-based decision-making, reduce or eliminate time-consuming (and costly) litigation, develop litigation strategies and closing arguments, private interviewing for prospective hires, and align execution of projects with refining objectives across large organizations.

We approach ‘conflicts’ with sincere, respectful, and creative goal suggestions to solve your problems.

The experiential nature of this space includes Dale Irvin, CSP, CPAE, and James Feldman, CSP, CPIM, CPT, CPC. They will listen, reflect, and refine solutions in an eye-opening engagement that will challenge and inspire your organization to think differently.

Dale and James are public speaking heavyweights who have won awards for their presentations. They both have earned the highest certification from the National Speakers Association-Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). They will help ‘storyboard’ your meeting and assist your organization in reimagining what could be instead of what it is currently.

Dale Irvin is The Professional Summarizer. A visionary who has spoken to hundreds of organizations and entrepreneurs.  He has helped them increase sales and build several large businesses.

He will listen to your meeting conversations and offer an insightful summarization with an unfiltered approach.  Dale is also CPAE Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, and Virtual Speaker Hall of Fame, with over 150 television appearances.

James Feldman is a serial entrepreneur, author, “inside the box” thinker, and problem solver.

Named one of the most Innovative People of the 21st Century, he shares the process of overcoming obstacles and leveraging them to achieve over $1B in sales.

Author of 13 books and over 1,000 presentations to almost every kind of organization, he remains committed to h helping your organization to revitalize, reimage, and reinnovate, ensuring that Shift Happens!®

Together they bring a broad perspective and big-picture thinking with objectivity and detachment with insights and wisdom.