Despite all the talk and excitement about the importance of innovation, managers are frustrated by the absence of a practical program you can apply to innovation in a systematic way that fuels consistent growth and sustained success.

If you’re like most business leaders, innovation is high on your corporate agenda. For many organizations, their success depends on innovation. However, few companies are satisfied with their ability to execute against the key aspects of innovation – including idea identification, development, commercialization, and achieving consistent innovation performance.

Our group of business experts explore the widest array of ideas in a controlled and logical process. We will share measurable, innovative models that address the latest and future trends in technology, social behaviors of customers, and end users of technology and services, product development, channel distribution performance improvement and capital deployment.

Our relationship is based on a collaborative workflow innovative solutions process that drives high adoption rates, quickly validating dynamic innovation ideas, while also uncovering where some innovation ideas may fail the “stress test” before investment in time and resources are incurred. We help your organization build and sustain a company-wide innovation capability.

We ask questions!


After you submit your ‘problem’ to us our team of experts ‘redefines’ the problem from a totally objective perspective. Much like going to a doctor. You tell them where it hurts and then the doctor tells you what’s really wrong and their recommendation for the cure to remove the pain.

  • “How does your organization drive a consistent innovation performance that results in greater return on your innovation investments?”

  • “What is the current situation?”

  • “Why have you reached out to us?”

  • “What are the business outcomes to be achieved with our engagement?”

  • “How will your measure our progress and fulfillment?”

  • “Who is responsible? For what? When?”

  • “When the objectives are achieved what is the impact on your organization?”

Our approach


After the initial examination, your organization accepts or alters their decision as to how to solve the problem by engaging our experts or using other resources. Should you wish to have our team work on the problem, you first tell us the amount of pain (usually in dollars, market share, employee retention, etc.) and we collectively agree to work together and determine our ‘dream team’ that is created by our experts offering to engage in the innovative solution process.

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We agree on the scope of work, the desired outcome, and the compensation, which is based on the results we help your organization achieve.

Our think tank is assembled from our entire group of experts. Each individual is offered the opportunity to work on your project, they are not assigned. Each expert then shares in the revenue which makes them a stake holder in the results we create.

Our compensation is based on the size of the problem we solve and the results we achieve. We never assess a fee based on the number of hours worked so that you never need permission to ask for more help. Our work is guaranteed.

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Consultants write reports.  We deliver results.®

Synectics Open Solutions

Diversity is at the very foundation of Synectics. The definition of the word “Synectics” describes a system of puzzle problem-solving that involves bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and areas of interest who creatively share their ideas. Our clients and the industries they represent, the technologies we support, the jobs we recruit for and fill, and our entire employee community are all wonderfully diverse.


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