Jerry Bower is an experienced corporate leader, a real-world professional who focuses on corporate marketing, product marketing, business development, channel development, distribution expansion, and sales management solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise institutions.

Along with his work as a key member of the SOS Think Tank team, Bower has been principal partner of his own firm, Bower Associates, since 2007. Before that, he enjoyed more than 25 years as a successful manager/executive within four different industries – computers, incentives, Internet and house wares with particular skill sets in innovative marketing, sales management, and business/channel development.

Bower has a highly experienced and sensitized mind-set for the global eCommerce and Internet distribution models, including broad knowledge and expertise in web marketing.

Major Highlights & Accomplishments

  • Successful Manager & Sr. Manager with Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA for almost 14 years, where he grew annual revenue for Apple’s Incentives Division from $0 to $80 million per year within 3 years. Worked closely with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and John Sculley during Apple Computer’s early growth years.
  • Created a quarterly strategic marketing program that stopped IBM’s PC sales “dead-in-the-water”.
  • Received the 1991 Presidential “C-Flag Award” for the top marketing program in America.

A little more

Bower did his graduate studies at Cornell University in Entomology (Insect Study). Although he went directly into Marketing within the high-tech industry after grad school, (and has never really used his insect expertise professionally), his early bosses at Apple facetiously enjoyed telling the world that they had probably hired the ultimate debugger of all time