SOS is a think tank that helps organizations achieve exceptional results by finding and applying innovative solutions to complex business and people challenges. From arbitration to innovation we pride ourselves on helping our clients to deliver exceptional business results within a short time-frame which have a long-lasting impact. SOS is transformative, not transactional. We are challenging and professional – with a sense of humor!  We make you stop and think.

Together we create solutions that enable business leaders to reach equitable business solutions, optimize project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, improve financial-based decision making, reduce or eliminate time-consuming (and costly) litigation, and align execution of projects to strategy and objectives across large organizations. We approach ‘conflicts’ with a sincere, respectful, and open goal: to solve problems as quickly, and as inexpensively, as possible.

SOS has extensive expertise which is grounded in the reality of sitting on your side of the desk. We create a roadmap that your team can use on the Journey To Bright Ideas™.

Our team of business experts come from a variety of Fortune 500 companies as C-Level executives or are successful entrepreneurs.

No matter how experienced you and your employees are, you cannot expect to have all the skills and knowledge your business needs, particularly as requirements change as your business grows. For growing businesses, continually facing new problems and opportunities, the need for advice can be even greater. Our SOS business mentors offer focused support, by acting as a sounding board for your own ideas. Many of our advisors provide specific skills or services in their particular area of expertise, such as accountants, lawyers, and marketing consultants. Together we will create a ‘dream team’ laser focused on monetizing the solutions.

Our team has a history of interrupting existing patterns of thinking and investigates powerful, sustainable change using our unique three-step process, 3D Thinking™, by thinking ‘inside the box.’

Each SOS expert was hand selected because of their experience and innovative problem-solving skills.

These are stars in their field, and now they can be your mastermind to help solve your business challenges.

Together these advisors will consult on your business problems and then create a team specific to your issue.

Your organization will have business experts that are fully engaged in your problem-solving process and find the correct solution. We deliver results!

The 3D Thinking process is not your traditional ‘outside the box’ approach. We believe the problem is ‘inside the box’. We don’t guess what’s inside. We go inside with our collective IQ to INVESTIGATE • INNOVATE • INITIATE  by identifying the ideas that leverage the underlying components and ensure that Shift Happens!®.


Depth investigates how to be present as a brand throughout your search journey.
Distance examines how to be a faster, implementable solution than your competition.
Determination monetizes the time, effort and ROI (return on your ideas).
We also help you to incentivize, communicate with and inspire your employees, creating an environment where they choose to become engaged.
Our common sense approach will give you the clarity to take action which will help your organization grow, and your people succeed. 

Consultants write reports. We deliver results.®

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