Jeorge G. Holmes, Adjunct Professor at Judson University, has worked in both the business world and the ministry world implementing timeless principles to engage and empower people in their lives and vocation. He uses his experience and education to inspire people to greater levels of impact and influence in their life.

He finds himself to be a self-starter, team-player, and creative vision caster to move timeless principles into timely seasons of life, business, and ministry. He is strategic, visionary, and people-orientated. He works well with teams and staff to execute goals that lead to transformational results.

His style of coaching is through evaluating “where you are” (present reality) with “where you’ve been” (past experiences) to “where you want to go” (potential future vision). He deeply navigates with people to find their true north.

He seeks to facilitate ‘next steps’ for individuals to be empowered and equipped to advance their best vision and version of themselves and their organization”.

Jeorge is a Transformational Coach. He works with and helps people find their true NORTH to achieve their fullest potential and desired vision for their lives. Jeorge has been the Lead Overseer/Catalyst for the past 8 years, with 20+ volunteer coordinating leaders, 200+ volunteers, 25-30 partner churches involved to collaborate to ‘meet felt-needs’ in the city of Elgin and surrounding communities. He recently received the Judson University Community Service Award.

He works on specific targets seeking to hit the bullseye. It takes time and energy to work through and create strategic plans but ultimately, when execution happens, desired change unfolds. You need coaching if…..