Specializing in the manufacturing, service and financial sectors, SOS Think Tank member, Dr. Joon Moon, an eminent Korean-American businessman, has started, acquired and operated more than 30 companies as owner and chairman.

A brilliant organizer and leader, Moon is a founder of North Pointe Insurance Co., based in Michigan, and the chairman of Mr. Rose Capital Inc. (a holding company). He now focuses primarily on startup capital ventures and investment management.

Major Highlights & Accomplishments

  • In 1969, after having worked for DuPont and Celanese Corporations, he bought a small manufacturing company in Howell, Michigan. Over the next 40 years he bought and sold a number of other companies primarily in the consumer products, plastics, and swimming pool industries.
  • Moon, today, owns and operates two manufacturing companies that produce household and industrial cleaning products: the Rooto Corp., based in Michigan, and Star Pacific Inc., based in California
  • Chairman of Michigan State University Foundation
  • Trustee for Thomas Jefferson University (executive committee, chair of bio tech committee)
  • Alumni of year at Michigan State University
  • Board member of many public and private companies.