Synectics Open Solutions, Inc. (SOS) has assembled a team of business experts from Motorola, Toyota, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Coach, Pizza Hut, as well as Certified Food
Service Executives with expertise in financial planning, purchasing, distribution,  personnel management systems, sales, marketing and organizational management. In addition our team includes educators, psychologists, media, advertising & promotion entrepreneurs that have ‘bottom-line, results-oriented’ experience. Our ‘dream team’ will help solve your business problems.

Whether it’s acquisitions or divestments, cash flows or financial survival, our team of experts can jointly assess your opportunities.

Our dynamic team of experts more effectively collaborate and completes projects faster while cutting costs and shorten meeting and production time.

Ella Messerli – General Manager and Turnaround Hospitality Expert

Over 30 years in Tourism, operating marketing and opening luxury properties, redirecting results in the affirmative and implementing cost controls as well as sustainable practices. A decisive leader who has been forming coordinated teams for excellent operational standards.

Dr. Joon Moon Capital Deployment Expert

Specializing in the manufacturing, service and financial sectors, Joon has acquired and operated over 30 companies as owner and chairman. His experience working with DuPont and Celanese Corporations spurred his interest in consumer products, plastics and swimming pool industries, in which he still excels today. (learn more)

Jerry Bower – Digital Marketing Expert

Jerry has been a successful former Senior Manager with Apple Computer and a principal partner in his own firm since 2007. He’s focused on corporate and product marketing, business development, channel development, distribution expansion and much more for over 40 years. (learn more)

Mark Chellis – Technology Marketing Expert

A global senior marketing executive, for over 35 years speaker and strategist, Mark is a technology expert with C-level experience for companies such as Compaq (Hewlett Packard) and Motorola. He has a proven track record of launching new programs, products and ideas. (learn more)

Karen Gordon – Event and Meetings Marketing Expert

For over 30 years, Karen has built bridges between the corporate/incentive travel market and Las Vegas. She’s an incentive and event industry leader and is the owner and founder of a successful Destination Management Company – Activity Planners. (learn more)

Prof. Chuck Hamburg – Restaurant & Hospitality Expert

Chuck has spent the last 39 years in the restaurant industry as an educator, operator and consultant and has lectured on Hospitality Management in over 30 countries worldwide. He’s also worked extensively in gaming and hospitality. (learn more)

Dan Leong – Operations & Finance Expert

Dan is the Chief Operating Officer at USMotivation and is responsible for all aspects of their service delivery including incentive travel, meeting logistics, virtual events, communication services and more. He has been an innovator in the incentive industry for over 30 years. (learn more)

Carole Lieberman M.D., M.P.H. – Psychology of Success Expert

Three-time Emmy Award winner and Beverly Hills Psychologist, Dr. Carole analyzes the psychological impact of world events to help individuals to deal with change. She’s appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, Fox News, CNN, BBC, “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “Entertainment Tonight” and many more. (learn more)

Bernard Liebowitz – Change Management Expert

Bernie Liebowitz has over 40 years consulting to a variety of businesses (Fortune 100 and large privately owned firms) dealing with their change management challenges, including organization design, performance management, and strategic planning. His primary focus is hands-on implementation and seeing that the desired results and goals are achieved. (learn more)

Mike Parrottino – Channel Distribution Expert

With over 30 years of real-world sales and business experience as an executive with Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, he has been responsible for the company’s overall PSG sales “go-to” market strategy for partner programs, partner development, training, and communications. (learn more)

Christopher C. Perks – Event & Hospitality Expert

Chris is renowned as one of the travel industry’s original thinkers and marketing geniuses. A top-level executive, his over 35 years of operational experience spans the globe, including Europe, Asia, North and South America, and the Caribbean. (learn more)

Jaynie Smith – Competitive Differentiation Expert

For over 20 years, Jaynie has been in the marketing and management business with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-sized companies. She consults with many CEOs and high-level executives to help define their competitive differentiation. She is also the best selling author. (learn more)

Dan Seidman – Sales Training Expert

Dan is one of America’s top speakers, trainers and coaches in influence for over 20 years. He’s the #1 business best-selling author of Sales Autopsy, as well as being selected as one of the “Top 12 Sales Coaches in America” in Ultimate Selling Power. He was also a World Master’s athlete. (learn more)

Paul Spitzberg – Marketing & Sales Management Expert

For over 35 years, Paul has worked in international marketing, incentive marketing, and operational management. He’s also held several key positions as an Executive for Coach, American Express, and the Incentive Marketing Association. (learn more)

Steve Sturm – Marketing & Media Expert

For over 30 years, Steve has held management positions with Toyota Motor Sales, focusing on accessory development, product development, and market/price planning. He’s also been the National Distribution, Logistics & SalesPlanning Manager, Corporate Sales Planning Manager, and Corporate Meeting Manager for Lexus. (learn more)

Ron Weinstock – Opportunity Expert

For over 30 years, Ron has been on the front lines of consumer products and services business including top chain restaurants, financial, health, entertainment/sports, and retailing organizations. He launched marketing campaigns for Pizza Hut, Perkins, Blockbuster, Jiffy Lube and Embassy Suites to name few. (learn more)

James D. Feldman, CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, CPC, PCS – Chief Innovation and Transformation Expert

Over the past 35 years, Jim has created solutions for organizations such as Toyota, Eastman Kodak, Dept. of Defense, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and much more. He’s an incentive, promotions and motivation industry expert who specializes in innovative solutions and incentives. (learn more)